Lakefront Property

Lakefront Property Mystic Beach is a remote lakefront property in Alberta, Canada which offers swimming, fishing, hiking trails, water sports, a small marina, white sand beaches, and more. We have subdivided this real estate into 99 lots which are currently being offered at a highly reasonable price. 14 of these lots make up the Phase II lots which are located on a scenic peninsula in Lac La Biche Lake and feature access to the lake on two sides. These lots have just been developed and offer some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever experience. These lots are perfect for year round, summer, or retirement property.

We are developing these lots ourselves in order to save you money and time. Also take note that we are offering this lakefront property for sale exclusively on our Web site . We noticed the demand for secluded and beautiful lakefront property, especially in the Ft. McMurray area. These lots provide the perfect location for the Ft. McMurray resident who works in the oil business and is searching for a private place for their homes. The newly built Highway 881 now makes travelling from Lac La Biche to Ft. McMurray a short 2 hour drive so you are never too far from home.

These lots are the last lakefront property for sale located in Lac La Biche, so once these properties have been sold it will be difficult to find others if possible at all; they are sure to be quite expensive as well. Besides the low price we are asking for these properties, you also can't afford to miss this opportunity due to the growth this area is expected to receive within the next 5 years. The minister of development in Alberta has announced that $65 billion worth of funding is going to be put into the area and there is an expected population growth of 5,000 to 15,000 people.

After working for years, you deserve to finally live in the lap of luxury. Whether you are interested in buying a vacation home, a private home in the country, or you are looking for a place to spend your retirement, you will find that Mystic Beach is the perfect place for you. Even if you are a real estate investor with a keen eye for great deals, you'll find the perfect business opportunity in Mystic Beach. In order to read more about this fascinating lakefront property, just visit us at